Kelly Street Rehab & Gardens

The buildings of the Kelly Street rehab had been on HPD’s notorious list of the ‘200 worst’ residential buildings in New York City. Today, these rejuvenated buildings provide safe havens for neighborhood residents in a unique blend of affordable housing and community sustained agriculture.

With the assistance of local non-profits GrowNYC and Banana Kelly, Kelly Street Gardens was transformed into a demonstration farm with rain water from the two roofs collected in tanks for irrigation.

The Gardens have become a community asset that residents use to grow fresh produce in a neighborhood lacking healthy food sources. Together with safe, healthy, affordable apartments, the project has helped to create a positive transformation on this once troubled block.

Watch video about the project.

  • Client: Workforce Housing Advisors
  • Location: Bronx, NY
  • Status: Completed 2013
  • Size: 81 units, 5 buildings