The International Preschools

The International Preschools was an adaptation of a former bank facility at the ground floor of a residential building.

Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the preschool’s functional open spaces facilitate learning and cross classroom exchange. Interior glazing brings natural light into the corridors and create a visual connection to the energy inside classrooms.

Included in the design program were a gymnasium, a multi-purpose room, outdoor space, administrative offices, and a reception area.

Expeditors International

This project involved the conversion of an existing prefab storage structure into a two-level regional headquarters for the supply chain management company Expeditors International.

Additional site remediation and rebuilding of the bulkhead along the bay were achieved through a series of settling ponds with native plantings that naturally filter stormwater discharge.

BronxWorks Offices

OCV transformed the site at 60 East Tremont Ave from an abandoned single-story funeral parlor to a two-story administrative office for the Bronx-based community organization BronxWorks.

Features that contribute to the sustainability of this project include:
-an abundance of natural light
-energy efficient lighting
-no VOC paints
-reuse of the original structure