OCV is a full-service architectural firm with specialties in green design, adaptive reuse, historic preservation and rehabilitation. We offer our services in connection with the design and construction of projects of every size and shape. Those services include:

Existing Conditions Analysis
- conduct a detailed survey of the existing building conditions including all structural, mechanical, and electrical systems
- conduct a search for all historically relevant documents
- prepare an existing conditions report and plans of all floors and building façades
- assist the client in selecting hazardous materials inspectors and direct the inspection process

Schematic Design
- meet with clients to develop a basic program of their needs and desires
- develop design schematics based upon this program and provide alternative approaches
- meet with clients to explain schematics

Design Development
- prepare final design schematic, an initial presentation of finishes, and a detailed scope of work and construction cost estimate for client approval
- final design development documents will be filed for approval with all agencies having jurisdiction over the project

Construction Documents
- based upon the client’s approval, and incorporating any comments, OCV will begin preparation of the construction documents
- these shall include complete plans and specifications that address all architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems required
- upon completion these documents will be submitted for approval to all agencies having jurisdiction over the project

Bid Management
- issue plans and specifications for bid, including line item breakdown sheet for cost comparison
- conduct a walk through of premises with contractors and answer any questions they may have
- provide bid analysis and comparison of bidders
- review the designated builder’s contract for construction

- provide on site construction observation as necessary for the phase of work
- generate weekly Construction Field Reports and review contractor requisitions and Change Orders
- furnish photographic documentation of any restoration work

Professional Staffing
- one principle and one staff member of the firm will supervise all work at every phase

LEED + Green Design + Consulting
- all projects are designed with sustainability in mind and for those seeking LEED certification, an accredited professional will generate sustainable design and manage the process

BUILDING Information Modeling (BIM)
- generation and management of the BIM process through Revit for those projects for which it is well-suited

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